Colloquium Schedule

Fall 2018 Lectures

ENDY Students in ENDY 6991  are required to attend a lecture a week. Here is a list of some of the lectures of interest.
Date and Time Location & Time Speaker List
Friday, August 24
GEAR 26 3:05 PM Introductions to the Geosciences Faculty and the Geosciences Colloquium Schedule for the semester
Friday, August 31
None Labor Day weekend - No Geosciences Colloquium 
Friday, August 31

GEAR 102 4:00 PM

Adam Hasik - Biological Sciences - University of Arkansas
The Role of Predation and Competition in Mediating Host-Parasite Interactions
Friday, September 7
GEAR 26 3:05 PM Adriana Potra  - Department of Geosciences - University of Arkansas
Legacy Lead from Past Mining Activity and Gasoline Additives: Evidence from Lead Isotopes and Trace Element Geochemical Studies in the Arkansas River and White River Basins, Southern Ozark Region
Friday, September 7
GEAR 102 4:00 PM Sushant Potdar & Walt Manger - University of Arkansas
Elevation and Time of Day Affects Behaviour of a Montane Butterfly in Western Himalayas
Tuesday, September 11

AAS 2475 N. Hatch Ave. 7:00 PM

Scott Hammerstedt and Amanda Regnier - Oklahoma Archeological Survey - University of Oklahoma
Preliminary Results of the Monte Alban Geophysical Project
Thursday, September 13
SCEN 604 3:30PM Charles Brown - University of Tulsa
Social Behavior and Colonially in Cliff Swallows: Insights from a 35-year Study
Friday, September 14
GEAR 26 3:05 PM Elizabeth Chamberlain - Post Doc. - Vanderbilt University
The History of a Delta and Its Inhabitants
Friday, September 14
GEAR 102 4:00PM James Boyko - University of Arkansas
Lean, Green, Freshwater or Marine? Reconstructing the Habitat of the Primary Endosymbiosis
Friday, September 21
GEAR 17 12:00PM Gordon "Mike" Selckmann - Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin (ICPRB)
Freshwater Non-Toxic Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs): Predicting Algal Proliferation and Its Impact on Instream Ecology
Friday, September 21
GEAR 26 3:05 PM Sean Young - Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health - University of Arkansas Medical Center
An Introduction to Using GIS and Medical Geography in Public Health
Friday, September 21
GEAR 102 4:00PM Alexandria Peterson - University of Arkansas
Dietary Change in Response to Anthropogenic Influence in Arkansas Coyote Populations from the 60s and 70s: Using Dental Microwear Texture Analysis as a Potential Conservation Tool
Monday, September 24
Food Science 2650 N. Young Ave. 3:00 PM Benjamin Runkle - Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering - University of Arkansas
Sustainability in Rice Production Practices
Friday, September 28
GEAR 26 3:05 PM Rick Fritz  - AAPG Visiting Geoscientist for the Mid-Continent
Many Faces (or facies) of the "Osage" Stack Play
Friday, September 28
GEAR 102 4:00 PM Katy Dupree - University of Arkansas
Floral Morphology and Evolution of Sexual Deceit in Pleurothallis
Thursday, October 4
SCEN 604 3:30 PM Rose-Marie Muzika - University of Missouri
Unraveling the Enduring Mystery of Dying Oak Trees in the Ozarks
Friday, October 5
GEAR 26 3:05 PM Josh Blackstock - Department of Geosciences - University of Arkansas
Multi-Site Monitoring of Dissolved CO2 Using Low-Cost Measuring Platforms: Preliminary Findings from the Jemez River, New Mexico, USA
Friday, October 5
GEAR 102 4:00 PM Ashly Romero - University of Arkansas
Fluctuating Asymmetry in Chimpanzees and Gorillas in Western Africa
Friday, October 12

GEAR 26 3:05 PM Chris Craig - Department of Management - Montana State University
Exploring the Impact of Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters on Business and Society
Friday, October 12

GEAR 102 4:00 PM Wade Boys / Kala Downey - University of Arkansas
Endemic Dragonfly Biogeography of the Ozark-Ouachita Interior Highlands / How Do We Do It? Marine-Freshwater Transitions by Centric Diatoms
Friday, October 19
GEAR 26 3:05 PM Mark Agana - Environmental Dynamics Program- University of Arkansas
Climate Change Governance and Politics of Scale: Evaluating Local Climate Protection Policies and Practices in the United States and Germany
Friday, October 19
GEAR 102 4:00 PM Elicia Abella - University of Arkansas
The Feeding Ecology of a Primate Community within the Gunung Leuser National Park: The Influence of Food Mechanical Properties and Seasonal Variability on Food Selection
Friday, October 26
GEAR 26 3:05 PM Ben Vining - Department of Anthropology - University of Arkansas
El Nino's Destruction: Perspectives from Integrated Archaeology, Remote Sensing and Paleoclimate Proxies on ENSO Disaster and Mitigation in Northern Peru
Friday, October 26
GEAR 102 4:00 PM Liam Zachary / Zach Zbinden - University of Arkansas
TBD / Micro- and Macro-Evolutionary Consequences of Dispersal Variation across Species
Thursday, November 1
SCEN 604 3:30 PM John Middleton - University of Missouri
Unraveling the Epidemiology of Staphylococcal Mastitis in Dairy Cattle and Goats Using Molecular Tools
Friday, November 2
GEAR 26 3:05 PM Hank Theiss - Chief Scientist in Photogrammetry, Integrity Applications Incorprorated
A Medley of Recent NGA Geopositioning Research Activities
Friday, November 2
GEAR 102 4:00 PM Brian Sparr - University of Arkansas
Comparison of Molar Row Gross Wear Gradient in Old World Monkeys with Different Diets
Thursday, November 8
Giffels Auditorium 6:30 PM Leland C. Bement - Oklahoma Archeological Society
How to Kill A Bison: The Development of Bison Hunting during Folsom Times
Friday, November 9
GEAR 26 3:05 PM Ted Holland  - Department of Geosciences - University of Arkansas
The Decline of Political Violence in Russia's North Caucasus, 2010-2016
Friday, November 9
GEAR 102 4:00 PM Lucy Bowland - University of Arkansas
Pollical Metacarpal Morphology in Primitive Homo
Tuesday, November 13

AAS 2475 N. Hatch Ave. 7:00 PM

Breanne Wilbanks - University of Arkansas
Hands of Mercy: Methods of Healing Practice by Frontier Nuns
Friday, November 16
GEAR 26 3:05 PM Dawn Warrick - City of Tulsa Director of Planning and Development
Friday, November 16
GEAR 102 4:00 PM Binod Regmi  - University of Arkansas
Machine Learning on Morphometry, an Evaluation of Classifiers' Performance on Closely Related Species Delimitation
Friday, November 23
  Thanksgiving Break  - No Geosciences Colloquium
Friday, November 30
GEAR 26 3:05 PM John Tipton  - Department of Mathematics - University of Arkansas
Don't Let Your Statistics Ruin the Science that You Love
Friday, November 30
GEAR 102 4:00 PM Jenny Burgman / Curt Hall- University of Arkansas
Rodent Dental Microwear as a Paleoecological Proxy / Tree Age-Estimation Calibrated from External Measurements Extracted from a Photograpmmetrically-Derived 3D Survey
Friday, December 7 None Dead Day - No Geosciences Colloquium