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Environmental Dynamics (ENDY) is the study of complex interactions between natural systems and human activity. It requires an interdisciplinary research approach and integration with advanced technologies. The program's focus is human-environmental interactions within recent Earth history. It stresses interdisciplinary analyses of:

  • Geophysical, biological
  • Geochemical
  • Sociocultural interactions related to environmental change.

These include research emphases in:

  • Natural and social impacts of global climatic change
  • Paleoclimatology and dendrochronology
  • Geoinformatics and associated geospatial technologies
  • Environmental pollution and ecological degradation
  • Landscape evolution and land use change
  • Impacts of natural hazards
  • Watershed sciences (water quality and quantity).

The ENDY program aims to develop strategies for sustainable societies based on scientific research and respect for human cultures. For the complete program description go to the Prospective Students homepage, view current Research, or recent ENDY News.

Conserving the Natural State Forum

September 6-8, 2024

Winthrop Rockefeller Institute | Morrilton, AR

Hosted in Partnership

This forum is organized through a partnership between the Environmental Dynamics Program at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and the Waterfowl Habitat and Recreation Management Program at the University of Arkansas in Monticello. Our goal is to help establish a network of Arkansas researchers and educators in ecosystem studies and management to collaborate and leverage resources for the benefit of the state and its stakeholders.


The purpose of this forum is to bring together researchers, university-level educators, state and local government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders from within Arkansas to address challenges facing natural habitats in the natural state. Our state abounds with natural beauty that attracts residents and visitors alike — beautiful mountains for hiking, clean rivers for kayaking and fishing, bountiful wetlands for birding and hunting. Conserving our forests, waterways, and wetlands assures recreation and a healthy environment for future generations of Arkansans.

In the face of a changing land use and climate patterns, we must work collectively to recognize the challenges that threaten the resiliency of our natural resources to ensure the future of clean water, fertile soils, and productive forested and wetland ecosystems. This forum has three principal goals: 1) to build bridges among faculty and students that stimulate collaborative research and education across universities and colleges in the State of Arkansas; 2) to align priorities among stakeholders in state and local government and the private sector to identify challenges to conservation of natural resources that require research and education to solve; and 3) to showcase how the talents and expertise of in-state researchers, students, and other residents can help meet those challenges.

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