Welcome to the Environmental Dynamics Program

Environmental Dynamics (ENDY) is the study of complex interactions between natural systems and human activity. It requires an interdisciplinary research approach and integration with the power, efficiency, and economy of advanced computer-based technologies. The program's prime focus is human-environmental interactions within recent Earth history. It stresses interdisciplinary analyses of geophysical, biological, geochemical, and, sociocultural interactions related to environmental change. These include research emphases in: Natural and social impacts of global climatic change, Paleoclimatology and dendrochronology, Geoinformatics and associated geospatial technologies, Environmental pollution and ecological degradation, Landscape evolution and land use change, Impacts of natural hazards, Watershed sciences (water quality and quantity). An overarching objective of the ENDY program is to aid development of strategies for sustainable societies based on results of scientific research and respect for human cultures. For the complete program description go to the Prospective Students homepage, view current Research, or recent ENDY News.


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