Faculty Departments and Programs

Agricultural, Education, Communication and Technology

Agricutural Economics and Agribusiness

  • Dr. Lawson Connor, (PhD, North Carolina State U - Raleigh), Farm Policy, Conservation and Systainable Technology Adoption in Farming, Farm Financial and PRoduction Resilience
  • Dr. Qiuqiong Huang, (PhD, U California - Davis), Water Resource Management, Impacts of Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills on Labor Market Outcomes
  • Dr. Trey Malone, (PhD, Oklahoma State U), Agricultural Economist, Agri-Entrepeneurship and Public Policy Impacts on Agri-Food Supply Chains
  • Dr. Lawton Lanier Nalley, (PhD, Kansas State U), Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness
  • Dr. Jennie Popp, (PhD, Colorado State U), Water Quality, Sustainable Resource Management
  • Dr. Michael P. Popp, (PhD, Colorado State U), Farm and Agribusiness Management, Alternative Production Practices


  • Dr. Jo Ann D'Alisera, (PhD, University of Illinois), West Africa, Religion, Transnational Communities and Identities
  • Dr. Lucas Delezene, (PhD, Arizona State U), Evolution of Primate Dentition
  • Dr. Elizabeth T. Horton, (PhD, Washington U - Saint Louis), Ethnoarchaeology, Archaeobotany
  • Dr. Jami J. Lockhart, (PhD, U Arkansas - Fayetteville), Information Technology and Services, Archaeological Geophysics
  • Dr. Julie Morrow, (PhD, Washington U), Paleoindian and Mississippian Archaeology
  • Dr. J. Michael Plavcan, (PhD, Duke U), Biological Anthropology, Research Methods, and Evolutionary Ecology
  • Dr. Wesley D. Stoner, (PhD, U Kentucky), Development of Human Societies, Mesoamerica
  • Dr. Claire E. Terhune, (PhD, Arizona State U), Evolution and Function of Hominin Skull Shape, Hominin Migration Patterns during Early Pleistocene
  • Dr. Mary Beth D. Trubitt, (PhD, Northwestern U), Eastern Native American Societies Technologies
  • Dr. Peter S. Ungar, (PhD, SUNY Stony Brook), Director ENDY Program, Biological Anthropology, Human Origins, Primate Evolution, Dental Anthropology, Computer Imaging, Anatomy
  • Dr. Benjamin Vining, (PhD, Boston U), Environmental Archaeology, Anthropogentic Ecology Networks
  • Dr. Amelia Villasenor, (PhD, George Washington U), Hominin in Turkana Basin, Kenya, Piestocene Megafauna Extinction in North America


  • Dr. Tahar Messadi, (PhD, U Michigan), Integration of Sustainable Environmental Technology into Design Process

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

  • Dr. Brian Haggard, (PhD, Oklahoma State U), Water Quality, Stream Ecology, Nutrient Dynamics
  • Dr. Benjamin R. Runkle, (PhD, U California - Berkeley), Sustainability and Resilience - Agro-Ecosystems

Biological Sciences

  • Dr. Steven Beaupre, (PhD, U Pennsylvannia), Terrestrial Vertebrate Ectotherms
  • Dr. Brett DeGregoio, (PhD, U Illinois, Anthropogenic Impacts, Behavioral Ecology, Wetland Ecology, Urban Ecology
  • Dr. Kristian Forbes, (PhD, U Jyväskylä, Finland), Infectious Disease Ecology
  • Dr. Daniel D. Magoulick, (PhD, U Pittsburgh), Population and Community Dynamics of Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates
  • Dr. Kusum Naithani, (PhD, U Wyoming), Landscape and Ecosystem Ecology, Ecohydrology, Plant Ecophysiology, Land-Atmosphere Interactions, Spatio-Temporal Modeling, Bayesian Statistics
  • Dr. Douglas D. Rhoads, (PhD, Kansas State U), Molecular Genetics and Genomics in Eukaryotes-modes of Gene Regulation, Structure and Evolution
  • Dr. J.D. Willson, (PhD, U Georgia), Ecology, Understanding Anthropomorphic Stresses on Reptile and Amphibian Populations and Communities

Chemical Engineering

Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Vincent Chevrier (PhD, C.E.R.E.G.E in Aix-en-Provence, France) Surface Processes on Mars and Icy Bodies
  • Dr. Ryan Tian, (PhD, U Connecticut), Hierarchical and Ordered Nanostructures for Catalytic, Sensing , and Biomaterial Applications

Civil Engineering

  • Dr. Julian Fairey, (PhD, U Texas - Austin), Surface and Colloid Chemistry, focusing on Contaminant Sediments and Drinking Water Treatment
  • Dr. Micah Hale, (PhD, U Oklahoma), High Performance Concrete, Self-Consolidating Concrete
  • Dr. Wen Zhang, (PhD, Purdue U), Environmental Engineering, Environmental Microbiology, Wastewater Treatment, Biofilm Physiology

Crop, Soils and Environmental Sciences

Entomology and Plant Pathology

  • Dr. Burt Bluhm, (PhD, Purdue U), Molecular Plant Pathology
  • Dr. Neelendra Joshi, (PhD, Penn State U), Ecologically-based Pest Management, Pollinator Health, Insect Biodiversity, Agriculture and Food Security
  • Dr. Rupesh Kariyat, (PhD, Penn State U), Sustainable Agriculture, Crop Entomology and Chemical Ecology


  • Dr. Mohamed Aly, (PhD, Texas A&M U), InSAR, GPS, GIS, Crustal Deformation Modeling, Geohazard Assesment
  • Dr. Kevin Befus, (PhD, U Texas-Austin ), Hydrology
  • Dr. Stephen K. Boss, (PhD, U North Carolina), Geophysics, Marine Geology, Limnology, Earth Systems
  • Dr. J. Van Brahana, (PhD, U Missouri), Physical Hydrogeology, Groundwater Flow, Karst Hydrogeology
  • Dr. Linyin Cheng, (PhD, U of California - Irvine), Climate Change, Dynamic Drivers of Weather and Climate Extreme Events
  • Dr. Jack Cothren, (PhD, Ohio State U), Digital Photogrammetry, GPS Geodesy, Spatial Statistics
  • Dr. Matt Covington, (PhD, U California - Santa Cruz), Hydrogeology, Geomorphology, Fluid Modeling
  • Dr. Fiona M. Davidson, (PhD, U Nebraska), Cultural and Human Geography, European Politics, E.U.
  • Dr. Katia de Avila Fernades, (PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology), Climate Variability and Change
  • Dr. Greg Dumond, (PhD, U Massachusetts - Amherst), General Geology, Structural Geology, Tectonics
  • Dr. Song Feng, (PhD, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Atmospheric Physics, Climate Modeling
  • Dr. W. Reed Green, (PhD, U Arkansas), Real-Time Lake and Reservoir Quality Monitoring
  • Dr. Phillip D. Hays, (PhD, Texas A &M), Isotope Geochemistry, Hydrology
  • Dr. Edward C. Holland, (PhD, U Colorado - Boulder), Political Geography, Cultural Geography, Russia and the former Soviet Union
  • Dr. Xiao Huang, (PhD, U South Crolina), Geo AI, GIS and Remote Sensing in Natural Hazards, Big Data Mining
  • Dr. W. Fred Limp, (PhD, Indiana U), Geoinfomatics, GIS
  • Dr. Christopher Liner, (PhD, Colorado School of Mines), Maurice Storm Endowed Chair, Geophysics
  • Dr. Walter L. Manger, (PhD, U Iowa - Iowa City), Stratigraphy, Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Dr. Jill Marshall, (Ph.D., U Oregon), Geomorphologist, Critical Zone Scientist
  • Dr. Thomas R. Paradise, (PhD, Arizona State U), Geomorphology, Rock Weathering in Arid Environments, Natural Hazards and Risk, Architectural Deterioration and Historic Preservation (CRM)
  • Dr. Brad Peter, (PhD, Michigan State U), Remote Sensing of Agriculture, Environmental Sustainability, Digital Cartography
  • Dr. Adriana Potra, (PhD, Florida International U), Economic Ore Geology, Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry
  • Dr. John Shaw, (PhD, U Texas - Austin), Stratigraphy and Sedimentology
  • Dr. David W. Stahle, (PhD, Arizona State U), Dendrochronology, Paleoclimatology, Ancient Forests, Global Change
  • Dr. Celina A. Suarez, (PhD, U Kansas), Paleontology, Stable Isotope geochemistry
  • Dr. Jason A. Tullis, (PhD, U South Carolina), Remote Sensing, GIS, Decision Trees, Biogeography
  • Dr. Henry Turner III, (PhD, U Arkansas), Geodesy


  • Dr. Elliott West, (PhD, U Colorado), History of American West and American Indian

Human Enviornmental Sciences


  • Dr. Curt Rom, (PhD, Ohio State U), Farm Production for Local Markets, Sustainable and Organic Production of Fruit Crops

Landscape Architecture

  • Kenneth McCown, (MS U Illinois - Urbana-Champaign), Landscape Architecture and architecture, Sustainable Development


Mathematical Sciences

  • Dr. John R. Tipton, (PhD, Colorado State University ), Bayesian Statistics, Environment and Climate Change Statistics, Spatio-Temporal Statistics

Political Science

  • Dr. Geeboo Song, (PhD, U Oklahoma), Public Policy, Political Science Sciences, Culture and Perceptions of Public Policy

Resiliency Center

  • Dr. Marty D. Matlock, (PhD, Oklahoma State U), Ecological Risk Assessment, Ecological Engineering and Design

Sociology and Criminology